Wednesday 2 March 2016

HEXAcare Coverage Area Expansion!

26th May 2015, is the day we launched our HEXAcare for Klang clients, KL clients, Shah Alam clients and now we are expanding it to Subang and Petaling Jaya clients! HEXAcare have been a real hit since its launch providing clients with one stop maintenance, warranty, backup and networking solutions.

HEXAcare provide a host of tailored service features that reduces client downtime, operation cost and most of all pin point problem solving. Usually our client will have to think about what backup system to get, what anti-virus is best, how long does the warranty last, how long will the equipment be ready after sending it for warranty.

HEXAcare not only replaces malfunctioned equipment one to one but also provides anti-virus for all the workstations covered under the HEXAcare contract. Here are some available features that have been the choice of clients provided under the contract.

- Anti-virus for all workstations under contract
- NAS and network design for new offices and upgrading offices
- Weekly maintenance of workstation, network, NAS and data backup
- One to one exchange on SOHO printing equipment
- One to one exchange on workstations purchased from HEXA

And many more! Click here to find out more!